Welcome to Physical Education

​​​​In physical education at LES, our first aim is to help students improve their motor skill development. 

​Motor skills are critical life skills that enable us to go about our daily lives effectively and safely.  We try to help students experience success in physical education so that they will enjoy and participate in physical activity both at school and at home.  If we give students a good foundation of skill development, cognitive understanding, and positive attitudes towards themselves in physical activity, they will be well on their way to becoming adults who enjoy the benefits of physically active and healthy lifestyles. 

Our P.E. teachers say that the best part of PE is that students "have the opportunity to try out and develop new skills through fun games and activities. Our goal is to make Physical Education Class a safe and fun learning environment where students can learn skills, play games, and get fit! We also have a strong emphasis on team building, cooperation, and good sportsmanship."​​​​​

Meet our Physical Education Teacher

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