​​The highlights of Art at LES include learning about Artists and their art, studying cultural art from around the world and learning about how to use the various art materials and techniques, while implementing the Visual Art Standards. 
    During Art Class, students focus on connecting to the art and making it their own. Young artists experience personal growth as they continue to use the art knowledge that they have already learned to grow into the artist they are yet to be! Mrs. ​Murphy says, "It is so important for each student to use what ​is available and presented to them in lessons to expand their creativity in their own successful ways.  It isn’t important to make a work of art look perfect as much as it is important to make it perfectly their own, using their own ideas in addition to what has been presented and learned."

    LES also offers outside activities to extend this learning further like the after school art club, Snow Plow Painting project,​ in conjunction with the City of Louisville​​

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    ​BVSD's Elementary Curriculum Essentials Document may be viewed at:​ents.aspx. ​​​​

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